Client: Lion Nathan
Country: United States
Placement: CPG
Interaction: Product Information


Argyle Winery wanted to communicate a rich and authentic brand message that educates the consumer about its premium wines – the vineyards, the winery, the winemaker and his stories. They sought to overcome traditional marketing barriers that limited the amount of information provided about a wine on a bottle’s back label. Given Argyle’s strong pedigree and recognition as a leading producer of premium wine in Oregon, they sought to engage their consumers by enabling them to learn, explore, and share using the latest in mobile technology.


The Cellar Key platform uses ScanLife powered QR Codes to bring the Argyle wines to life in the palm of the consumer’s hands. By accessing the QR Code through the ScanLife reader, the consumer can read mobile optimized content such as wine reviews, learn about the wine’s flavor profile, watch HD videos and meet the winemaker himself. The Cellar Key enables wine lovers to virtually share their favorite wines with friends and encourages the home chefs to pair wines with food. A game changing platform for the fine wine industry, The Cellar Key is sure to excite the wine novice and the expert critic alike.