Client: Hershey’s
Country: United States
Placement: CPG


Hershey’s led the charge becoming the first company to implement SmartLabel™. SmartLabel™ is a tool for consumers that enables them to view nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, third-party certifications, social compliance programs, usage instructions, advisories & safe handling instructions, company/brand information, along with other pertinent information about the products. They wanted a way to communicate this information directly to their consumers.


Hershey’s activated their packages by including SmartLabel™ QR codes directly on them. When scanned, the user is directed to a product specific SmartLabel™ page to learn more about the product than what is printed on the label. From a global standpoint, Hershey’s has control over every users’ experience depending on the country in which they are scanning from. To stay consistent with the Hershey branding, every QR code contains a branded short URL.