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The Platform
Effortless Code Generation
and Management

Our platform gives you the tools to easily execute effective mobile engagement campaigns. The ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform is designed to provide mobile marketing solutions that are valuable and easy to implement. We include everything you need to effectively execute and monitor smarter and richer experiences for the people you serve.

Code Management
  • - Uniquely designed to generate, edit and measure codes with ease
  • - Secure, fast and cloud-based
  • - Share with multiple team members across an organization, each with unique access and reporting capability
Any Mobile Experience
  • - Over 15 code actions provide seamless tools to implement marketing strategies including product launches, video demos, CRM programs, click-to-call campaigns, social networking, and more
  • - Change your QR Code actions any time from the platform without needing to reprint your materials
Beyond the Basics
  • - Get additional features such as mobile video encoding, surveys, mobile web-pages, specialized branding, designer QR Codes and more
  • - Work with our experts to maximize your campaign results

Consolidated Reporting
  • - Consolidate reports across all of your QR Code activity from a centralized platform
  • - Access a powerful reporting engine to get real-time reports with easy to understand charts

Sophisticated Analytics
  • - Collects data from every scan for effective campaign targeting and performance tracking
  • - Gives clients the ability to track activity in real time by accessing scan counts, time and date details, representative user demographics, location data, OS detection, and more.
Flexible Account Management
  • - Our cloud-based platform makes it easy for multiple departments/lines of businesses to manage campaigns privately, all from the same platform
  • - Access rights can be controlled at a variety of levels from administrative to read only report viewers
Scan & Send Activation
  • - Designed for widespread availability beyond a smartphone device
  • - Access data from a 2D code without using a scanner app just by snapping a photo of the code and sending it via email or text message.
White Label Program
  • - White label or customize our entire product suite to introduce new opportunities and business revenue streams
  • - Add ScanLife services into an existing product using our full set of APIs

Developer Tool Set
  • - Specially crafted for leaders in the developer community
  • - Incorporates the most comprehensive library of mobile barcode SDKs and APIs in the industry

Mobile Scanner Application
  • - One of the fastest and most accurate scanners used by millions of people around the globe
  • - Supports every major mobile phone operating system and all barcode formats
  • - White label options available to customize an app for your business – or use our SDK to create your own branded scanner app