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How ScanLife Works

The smarter way
to power your codes.

ScanLife’s Mobile Engagement Platform integrates next-generation QR Codes, common UPC codes or any type of code into an interactive marketing campaign—making it easy to deliver powerful and relevant messaging to your audience.

Scanlife QR Codes

You generate unique codes designed for your needs

Use ScanLife’s Mobile Engagement Platform to quickly generate QR Codes for your specific message.

You publish codes where they’ll have the greatest impact

Download your QR Code for placement on any physical media such as a product package, magazine advertisement, or billboard. The sky’s the limit.

Users scan your codes when their interest is highest

People will scan your QR Codes using their smartphones— anywhere, anytime—accessing the free ScanLife QR scanner application or many other third party mobile scanners.

People will engage based on individual needs

The smartphone will read the code and automatically provide the desired outcome: connecting to a website, playing a video, launching an application, or purchasing a product.

You manage and monitor results

ScanLife’s Mobile Engagement Platform provides the tools you need to track the performance of your QR Code campaigns. You’ll see what’s being scanned: where, when, and by whom.

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