Designer Codes

Unparalleled reliability. Unique code actions.
Powerful tracking capabilities.

These are just some of the reasons why ScanLife’s Mobile Engagement Platform codes have long been the industry’s most intelligent.

Now they’re also the most attractive.

ScanLife’s powerful, online Mobile Engagement Platform includes a breakthrough Designer Code Generator and Decoding Software with QRcheck™ technology that enables you to easily create custom-branded QR Codes that include your company’s logo, brand artwork, or brand color — with the confidence they can be successfully scanned, and read by your target audience.

Consumers are
47% more likely to scan a recognizably branded QR Codes than a non-branded code.

QRcheck™ Brings Industry Leading Reliability

The most important consideration when customizing any QR Code is
that it works.

A beautiful, customized QR Code that can’t be scanned due to code design flaws can only result in consumer frustration, poor marketing campaign results, and ultimately, damage to your brand.

Fortunately, ScanLife’s Mobile Engagement Platform with QRcheck™ technology provides advanced fail-safe code validation features to help ensure your designer codes can be easily read by your audience.

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