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Why a Platform

Create mobile experiences that are smart, relevant, secure and easy to use.

ScanLife offers a powerful Mobile Engagement Platform, featuring a variety of solutions for businesses of all sizes. It’s the new and effective way to engage people on a real-time basis, when their level of interest is highest. Whether you’re using a QR Code, common UPC code or any other type of code, ScanLife is your proven source for secure, seamless implementation.

Mobile Engagement Platform

Our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform lets ScanLife clients generate, edit, manage, and measure your QR Code campaign activity. Change your codes any time, and share access with multiple team members.

More Intelligent Experiences

ScanLife can instruct a smartphone to trigger innovative digital actions required by your strategy, including some that can change dynamically based on relevant metadata – making your campaign work harder with a just single QR Code.

Powerful Analytics

Detailed metrics, monitoring, and data collection are vital to successful campaign targeting and business intelligence. View a variety of activities from a charting dashboard, or download the raw data files.

Developer Partnership Program

The Innovative Exchange offers a comprehensive library of SDKs and APIs, making it easy to create customized versions of the ScanLife client application or Mobile Engagement Platform.

Professional Services

Working with ScanLife’s experienced team saves clients time, resources and money. You work with the industry experts that are leading the charge on QR Code mobile experiences, and will ensure your campaign is always running smoothly and successfully.

Handset Compatibility

The ScanLife system works with all leading Smartphone operating systems including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Palm. It’s accessed on hundreds of millions of devices around the world.

Mobile Operator Approved

The ScanLife scanner app is pre-loaded by more mobile carriers globally than any other code scanning application. Our partners include Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Telefonica, Orange, and others.